Maureen Menefee
Megan Minkiewicz
Melodie Ross
Michelle Hovorka
Mike and Amity Duettra
Ned Myers

Nick and Monica Allen
Paul and Marlena Casellini
Paul and Tara MacMillan
Paula O'Shea
Pearl Stark
Peter and Amy Wheary
Pratt and Heidi Rather
Rachel Busch
Rebecca Fuller
Richard Warnock
Rick and Kate Falk

Rio and Lisa Rivas
Sarah Haefele
Shiley Miller
Stacia and Ryan Cruz
Stephanie Golda
Sunny Maxwell
Suzanne Monaco
Tammy Wisco
Theresa Soares
Timothy and Joan Meskill
Todd and Elizabeth Bengtson
Tom Fenstermacher
Traca Cagle
Tracy Barnett
Vida Barham
William Sharp

Generous Businesses

​Tireless Volunteers

Thank you to the following families that donated to the 2018/2019 Cascade PTSO Giving Campaign. We are truly grateful for their generosity!

ACE Hardware
Bigfoot Beverages
Brook Gardner – Alleda
Cascade Lakes Brewing
Cement Elegance
Central Oregon Perio
Christensen Plumbing Solutions
Central Oregon Radiology PC
Dr. Rosenzweig
Dwyer, Williams, Cherkoss Attorneys
Elevated Stoneworks
Guild Mortgage
Hands On Physical Therapy
Kacy Logeais - Prime Lending
Lesli Fox - Hasson

Dedicated Families

Cascade PTSO  has many
​Key Supporters

The following local businesses gave at least $250 to the 2018/2019 Cascade PTSO Giving Campaign. We are truly grateful for their generosity and would like for our community to, in turn, make a point to support them as well.

Mill Inn
Mindstream Creative
Mountain Air
Newport Avenue Market
Riff Cold Brewed
Salon Envy
Silvia Knight - Sotheby's
Skidmore Speech
Stellar Realty Northwest
Struble Ortho
TechSoft 3d
The Center
Vanderboorn/Blossey - Sotheby's
Wanderlust Tours
West Bend Family Medicine          
Westside Pharmacy

Adam and Katy Bowles
Adam Michell
Alechia and Paul Trout
Allen Smith
Amelia Harris
Amy Divita
Amy Tucker
Andrea Larson
Andrea Simone
Andrew and Ann-Marie Sargent
Angus Gassner
Ann Bird
Annetta L. Julita
Antoinette Morrison
Becky Palombo
Ben English
Bill Bird
Brent Fenty
Candice Flanagan
Carlene Perry
Catalina and Rick Conger
Chelsea Town
Cherie Mithoff
Colleen Quinn
Corey and Wendy Bloom
Crystal Bloodworth
Cynthia Tuscano
Daniel Rife
Ellie Naderi
Emmanuel and Valerie Roth

Eva Shih

Frank Groundwater

Our organization has so many incredible individuals helping in so many ways.  A few we feel need to recognize are:

Our 2019-2020 Board of Directors:

Amanda Ring, President

Cindy Tuscano, Vice President

Karen Tobiason, Treasurer

Katie Cross, Secretary

There are also Staff Birthday "Treat" Volunteers, 8th Grade Graduation Committee members, Staff Appreciation Week volunteers, Field Trip Chaperones, Sparrow Club volunteers, Mountain Time Club leaders, Challenge Day volunteers and so many more!  

For all of these tireless volunteers - we are grateful!

Gail Mithoff
Geoff Wall
Gregory Hendricker
Harmony Thomas
Heidi Cook
Ida Moore
Jana Wilcox
Janet Lurding
Jennifer Hammond
Jennifer Troth
Jennifer Watters
Jerald and Sandra Heinemann
Jessica Patron
JK Jewelry
Joanne K Moody
Jocelyn Dixson
John Furrow
Jonathan Yang at NW Dental Group
JP and Emily Mickelsen
Jylan Maloy
Kathy Guilbert
Katy Cross
Kee Moon
Keith and Anita Garland
Kelly Anderson
Kelly Plunkett
Kenan Macomber

Kim Gammond

Kortney Barnes

Lisa Smith

Liza Huet

Matt Silver and Catherine Blue

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