Our organization has so many incredible individuals helping in so many ways.  A few we feel need to recognize are:

Our 2021-2022 Board of Directors:

Michelle Klein, President

Mariah Stats, Vice President

Colleen Goldblatt, Treasurer

Cindy Beck, Secretary

Caitlin Bjornstad, Fundraising Chair

Katy Bowles, Website
Katy Cross, Spirit Gear/Merchandise
Cindy Tuscano, Spirit Gear/Merchandise

There are also 8th Grade Graduation Committee members, Staff Appreciation Week volunteers, Field Trip Chaperones, Sparrow Club volunteers, Mountain Time Club leaders, Challenge Day volunteers and so many more!  

For all of these tireless volunteers - we are grateful!

The following local businesses gave to the 2021/2022 Cascade PTSO Giving Campaign. We are truly grateful for their generosity and would like for our community to, in turn, make a point to support them as well.

Generous Businesses

Thank you to the incredible Cascade community, we are grateful for your generous support of our Students/Staff.  Special thanks to the families that donated generously to the 2021/2022 Cascade PTSO Giving Campaign:

Dedicated Families

Cascade PTSO  has many
​Key Supporters

​Tireless Volunteers

Schonaerts Family
A. Smith Family
M. Smith Family
Stonich Family
Thrower Family
Tompkins Family
Trout Family
Tuscano Family

Walder Family
Weers Family
Willis Family
Worbest Family

Anderson Family
Artzt Family
Atkin Family
Barany Family
Boatright Family
Bollom Family
Bowles Family
Connolly Family
Costa Family
Cross Family
DeLeon Family
Ditty Family 
Dixson Family
Faherty Family
Formigle Family
Fuller Family
Halsey Family
Harrell Family
Hilts Family
Hinrichs Family
Hoffman Family

Huber Family

Kaufman Family
Kraybill Family
Krummen Family
Lilly Family
Liskh Family
Manfredi Family
McGonigal Family
Nasser Family
Nickelson Family
Oreilly Family
Paddack Family
Peters Family
Peterson Family
Philbin Family
Pierce Family
Pietrzak Family
Power Family
Riper Family
Sayle Family
Scholsberg Family

Earn $$ for CMS while you shop online!!!

When shopping at online at Office Maxor Office Depot,remember they give back 5%!  
Just select Cascade Middle School as the recipient by using code70083408
When shopping online, useAmazon's philanthropic site www.smile.amazon.com
and select Cascade Middle School PTSO as the recipient.