​PTSO General Meeting Minutes
May 30, 2018 @ 1:30 pm in the Library

Attendees:  President- Emily Mickelsen, Vice President- Carlene Perry, Treasurer- Karen Tobiason, Secretary- Amy Harris, Principal- Stephen DuVal; Gail Mithoff, Anita Garland, Cindy Toscano, Judy Rowe, Emerson Williams-6, Macy Barham-7, Liv R. Casellini-7, Ava Lawson-8


Emily welcomed all present and called the meeting to order at 1:35 pm. 

Approval of Previous Minutes – Amy

Motion:  After review, a motion was made to approve the minutes from the previous General Meeting held on March 14, 2019.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report –  Karen

The bank account balance as of May 30, 2019 is $14,672.82.  This year we have spent $9,019.89 in grants.

Special Guests – Natalie and Layla

These young ladies gave a short presentation on EWB, Every Woman Bleeds, a group that they started on campus that meets during lunchtime.  Their focus is making daily life at school easier for girls on their menstrual cycles, and they brainstorm ideas and implement solutions here at Cascade.

Special Guest – Ava

Ava gave a report on the lunchroom composting program she has spearheaded here on campus.

Special Guests – Judy Rowe

Ms. Rowe gave an update on the Green Team she advises.  They work on helping Cascade conserve energy and all things green.

Principal’s Update – Stephen DuVal

Principal DuVal spoke about end-of-the-year locker clean outs, dedicated electives for next year’s 6th graders, new staff members, the entry way construction, and new clubs on campus.

Staff Appreciation Week – Carlene

This year’s Staff Appreciation Week was hugely successful and Carlene discussed what worked great and also listed some adjustments that next year’s committee should include in future plans.

Grants – Emily

The Board approved many grants between April and June this year.  Some of them were field trips for both 7 and 8th graders, instrument repairs for the band, calculators for math classes, High Desert Museum guest speakers for Social Studies, consumables for science kits, a vacuum cleaner for the library, Earth Week raffle items, iPad insurance and PE uniforms for FAN, and reusable plates and cutlery for the staff room.

Future Board Positions – Emily

Amanda Ring was nominated for the 2019-2020 Cascade MS PTSO President.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Cindy Toscano was nominated for a 2019-2020 Cascade MS PTSO Vice President.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Karen Tobiason was nominated for the 2019-2020 Cascade MS PTSO Treasurer. The motion was seconded and passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 pm.

Next General Meeting: Thursday, September 26, 2019 @ 2:30 pm in the Library.


PTSO General Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2018 @ 1:30 pm in the Library

Board Attendees:  President- Emily Mickelsen, Vice President- Cherish Perry Schroeder, Treasurer- Karen Tobiason, Parent-Teacher Liaison Suzanne Moore, Secretary- Amy Harris, Student Representatives: Macy Barham, Evelyne A, Kaitlin Yeomans, Riley Capuano

General Attendees:  Principal Stephen DuVal, Vice Principal Eric Powell, Darcy Buckley, Matt and Rosa Shea, Giselle Beucus, Heather Killebrew, Gail Mithoff, Lisa B, Courtney Bledsoe, Vida Barham, Danielle Vidali, Nanette Termes, Katy Bowles, Katy Booher


Emily welcomed all present and called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm.

Approval of Previous Minutes – Amy

Motion:  After review, a motion was made to approve the minutes from the previous General Meeting held on December 14, 2017.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report –  Karen

The balance in the PTSO bank account is currently $26,063.  The Grant Budget is $18,900 and $6,925 has been spent so far.

7 Peaks Cell Tower – Giselle B. and Heather K.

Giselle and Heather approached the group with the goal of partnering up with CMS to approach the Bend Parks and Recreation District regarding the removal of a Verizon cell tower they lease that is currently installed on a post in the Skyliner Field area adjacent to the 7 Peaks campus, and near CMS.  While its EMF levels are within the current FCC limits in America, the levels exceed those currently adopted by European countries.

School Safety & Start Times – Stephen DuVal

Short-term improvements to the CMS entryway include funneling all persons through a single door leading to the window of the Main Office.  Longer-term plans are for a permanent knee-wall to be installed in this location by 2020.  CMS will also be using the Raptor background check software.  The BLSD is still actively debating the pros and cons of changing school day start times.

Challenge Day – Eric Powell/ Students Reps

A brief review of Challenge Day was given, then comments were made by students and previous adult volunteers.  A student reported they felt the program brought the 8th grade community together.  An adult volunteer shared that the feel may be long-lasting because Juniors at Summit High still talk about its effect on them.  The Summit High newspaper cited the program as a preventative measure for school shootings.

Movie Night – Amy Wilde

Movie night raised $150 for our Sparrow.  They are looking for ideas to increase attendance.

Parent Survey – Mr. McKae

It was reported that data suggests that family involvement in Middle School increases performance in a host of learning measures.  He is currently designing a parent survey for our school community to be rolled out in May. (Handout)

Grant Proposals – Emily

Motion:  A motion was made to approve Shannon Carroll’s grant of $3000 for a screen printing press.  The motion was seconded, voted on, and passed.

Motion:  A motion was made to approve $1200 for Artist-in-Residence Mosley Watta to visit the Language Arts classes.  The motion was seconded, voted on, and passed.

8th Grade Celebrations – Darcy Buckley

Darcy reported on plans in progress for the 8th grade dance (May 11), brunch and pool party (June 14).  Everything looks amazing.

Staff Appreciation Week – Emily

Plans for SAW were reported including soup & salad lunch, Taco Del Mar luncheon, smoothie day, spa day, coffee day, and a dessert bar.

Next General Meeting: Thursday, December 13 @ 1:30 pm in the Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 pm.

PTSO General Meeting Minutes
December 14, 2017 @ 1:30 pm in the Library

Board Attendees:  President- Emily Mickelsen, Vice President- Cherish Perry Schroeder, Treasurer- Karen Tobiason, Parent-Teacher Liaison Suzanne Moore, Secretary- Amy Harris, Craig Chisholm (8th grade student), Evie Anderson (8th grade student), Macy Barham (6th grade student)

General Attendees:  Stephen DuVal (Principal), Eric Powell (Vice Principal), Sandy Schmidt (FAN Advocate), Carrie Deaver (Sparrow Club coordinator), Michelle Klein, Kelli L. Schlussel-Edens, Carlene Perry, Gail Edwards, Gary A. Holbrook, and Lisa Rivas

Approval of Previous Minutes – Amy

Motion:  After review, a motion was made to approve the minutes from the previous General Meeting held on September 21, 2017.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Cascade Giving Campaign Update

This year’s fundraiser raised $22,108.75 ($10,308.75 from families and $11,800 from businesses).

Guest Speakers

Carrie Deaver, Cascade’s Sparrow Club coordinator, described the club and the involvement of Cascade’s student community before presenting Jade’s touching biographic film.  Sandy Schmidt, Cascade’s Family Access Network (FAN) coordinator, described the resource and its services. She is CMS’s point person for accessing all types of family resources and social services offered in Bend.

Treasurer’s Report –  Karen

The proposed Cascade PTSO Annual Budget for 2017-18 was presented.  Two handouts illustrating the proposal were passed out.

Motion:  A motion was made to approve the 2017-18 PTSO budget as proposed.  The motion was seconded, voted on, and passed.

Grant Proposals – Emily

Grants that have been approved so far this year were announced.  A grant proposal seeking $1064 to fund lunches given to the WEB leaders and 6th graders at their Orientation Day in September 2017 was presented.  It was noted that the general membership was required to approve this grant because it was above a designated $1000 threshold.

Motion:  A motion was made to approve the $1064 grant proposal.  The motion was seconded, voted on, and passed.

Volunteer Opportunities – Emily

Volunteer activity will be needed in the future for Staff Appreciation Week, monthly teacher meeting treats, and Spring Conferences meals. 

Next General Meeting: Thursday March 15 @ 1:30 pm in the Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.

Future PTSO General Membership Meetings:
March 15, 2018 @ 1:30 in the Library
June 7, 2018 @ 1:30 in the Library


PTSO General Meeting Minutes
September 21, 2017 @ 1:30 pm in the Library

Board Attendees:  President- Emily Mickelsen, Vice President- Cherish Perry Schroeder, Treasurer- Karen Tobiason, Parent-Teacher Liaison Suzanne Moore, Secretary- Amy Harris

General Attendees:  Principal Steven DuVal, Nanette Termes, Kristen Budz, Rebecca Gardner, Carlene Perry, Cindy Tuscano, Amanda Ring, Gary A. Holbrook, Nisha Ferrante, Gail Edwards, Julie Wood, Tami Clay, Thresa Jenkins, Shanda Harry

Welcome and Introductions
– Emily

Emily welcomed everyone to the first General Meeting of the 2017-18 Cascade Middle School PTSO and asked each attendee to give a short introduction of themselves.

Review and Approval of June Meeting Minutes –  Emily

The June 8, 2017 general PTSO Meeting Minutes were reviewed by attendees.

Motion:  A motion was made to approve the minutes.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Emily presented Treasurer-candidate Karen Tobiason who gave a brief introduction of herself. 

Motion:  A motion was made to approve Karen Tobiason as this year’s PTSO Treasurer.  The motion was seconded, voted on, and passed.

Attendees reviewed a handout of the estimated 2017-18 PTSO budget which illustrated how the money is typically allocated.  Karen explained that this year’s Giving Campaign is currently in progress and that the starting budget won’t be known until the conclusion of the fundraiser on October 31, 2017.  Currently the drive has raised $7000 in pledged funds.  The final budget plan will be presented at the December General Meeting.

The budget was discussed and attendees’ questions were addressed.  It was explained that the Board traditionally keeps about $10,000 set aside for a rainy-day fund.  A question was asked about the costs associated with the Apparel Sales.  Emily explained the costs were for the price of samples as well as some small processing fees. 

Principal’s Report
– Steven DuVal

Steven announced that all 8th grade students will have the opportunity to experience “Challenge Day” in December.  He explained Challenge Day as a powerful anti-bullying workshop sometimes described as a lesson in empathy.  Vice Principal Eric Powell is point man for the workshop.  He also reported that the inaugural “Coffee at Cascade” will occur on October 19th at 8am; free donuts and coffee and parents can come discuss anything of interest with the Principal and Vice Principal.  Next Steven reported that the school now has new electrically-moving bleachers that hold almost 500 people (whereas the old ones only held about 300).  Also explained was that LifeTouch, the photo company used for picture day, has offered CMS a free 3’ x 3’ bombproof school logo as compensation for their shortage of photographers on that day.  It was asked what the maximum capacity of students at CMS is.  Roughly, from 2014-2016 the school had 900, 580 and 620 students, respectively.  This year they have 680, and the max capacity would be about 800.  A question was asked about assemblies during the school year. It was explained that to build culture at the school there will be about 1 assembly a month in which students’ accomplishments are celebrated, games are played, and bands performs.  Steven ended by saying he appreciated the parents coming to the meeting.

Merchandise Sales
– Emily

Emily announced that the CMS-branded merchandise sale closes tomorrow and will open again in November.  Merchandise will be distributed to students during lunch time about 3 weeks after each sale, with the November items being distributed before Winter Break.

Volunteer Opportunities
– Emily

Judy Rowe of the Green Team will be looking for parent volunteers to help start-up the lunch recycling program.
Staff Birthday treats are provided by volunteers during the staff meetings on the first Wednesday of each month.  Treats may be home-made.  Sign-up Genius is used to coordinate this.

– Emily

Check for e-mails in ParentVue for upcoming conference information.  They will be held Wednesday 10/25 from 3:15-7:15pm, and Thursday 10/26 from 12:15-7:15pm.

Future Meeting Dates

Future meeting dates have been modified.  The next General Meeting will be held December 14, 2017 at 1:30pm in the library.  Please check the Cascade PTSO website (www.CascadePTSO.com) for more information.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:13 pm.

General Membership PTSO Meeting Minutes
June 8, 2017 @ 1:30pm in the library

Attendees: Stephanie Bennett (Principal), Stephen DuVal (Vice Principal); Judy Rowe (teacher and Green Team leader); Michelle Klein, Emily Mickelsen, Kari Strang, Maci Herbert, Suzanne Moore, Darcy Buckley (board members); Amy Harris, Kelly Schlossel-Edens, Cherish Perry Schroeder (general members)

Introduction – Stephanie

Stephanie confirmed that the 8th grade graduation celebration will take place on Friday, June 16th in the evening. She will speak, along with a couple student speakers. There will not, however, be individual recognitions, due to the high number of students with outstanding GPA’s. Kelly offered to build a balloon rainbow for decoration in the gym, and will have students assist her.

Steph also commented on how wonderful the 8th grade dance turned out. It was well organized, students had a blast, and were very well-behaved.

Upcoming 2017-2018 school year – Stephen

FACS teacher, Carol Knowles, is retiring and her position has been filled. Brenda Spreier is replacing Heather Finley as Office Secretary (Heather has accepted a position as an Office Manager at another school). A ½ time counselor has been added, along with Erin Hecker, who will be teaching 8th grade Humanities, replacing the retiring, Ms. Watkins.

6th graders will not have Mountain Time one of the days of the week (probably Monday) so they can spend time with their advisors getting help with homework, learning organization/social/emotional skills, and gaining knowledge of new tech.

(Sky View MS will be implementing “Falcon Time” based on the success of the program at CMS.)

Standard Based Grading will continue. Grades at the end of middle school are one of the biggest indicators of High School performance.

Green Team Update – Judy

Water bottle refill stations are installed and being enjoyed, they switched out Spic ‘n Span for “Greener Cleaners” and bottles, received microfiber towels from the Environmental Center, placed recycle bins in all classrooms that are collected weekly by Life Skills students, “hot spots” were identified, they participated in a Trex recycle program, distributed Cascade cash for student’s found sorting recyclables in the cafeteria, a conservation trophy and gift card was awarded to a class for most points (specifically to their teacher for supporting & encouraging their efforts), a dishwasher was installed in the back part of the staff work room, a student attended the Al Gore Summit and reported back, and party packs were purchased to reduce paper/plastic waste for events. Two of next year’s goals are to start a composting program, and to make sure used lunch boats are stacked, in order to reduce size of trash.

Staff Appreciation Week recap – Darcy

It was a fun filled week of events with lots of student support & parent help. I’d like to recognize the following for their valuable contributions: 

Beth Melner, the PTSO board, Stephanie Bennett, Brenda Spreier, Cindy Beck, Angie Cole, Amanda Ring, Cecily Luse, Cindy Tuscano, Katy Cross, Kelly Schlussel-Edens, Jake Slodki, Shannon Carroll, Holly Smith, Adv. Art students, Life Skills Students, WEB students, Garden Club students, Heather Finley, and Lisa Germain.

Atlas Cider Co., Bonta Gelato, The Pancake Wagon, Water Kefir People, Broken Angel Catering, LocaVore, Bend Soap Co., Holm Made Toffee, Wind Flower Farm, Great Harvest, Sparrow Bakery, Justy’s Jelly, Lidia’s Chocolates, Metolius Tea, CO Seed Exchange, and Sakari Botanicals.

8th Grade Year End BBQ at ACB - June 22nd – Michelle - A small breakfast will be provided in the morning, and then students will walk over to ACB with parent volunteers. Lunch has been arranged with Bistro 28, and Big Foot Beverages will be covering the drinks. Gail has done a great job organizing this event and is just finalizing details.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities – Kari

Ten volunteers needed for the 6/22 event – a sign up will be sent out soon, a few parents still needed for the iPad roll-in (sign-up sent out), and several needed on 6/16 for the 7th grade science field trip (sign-up also already sent out). Volunteers would be greatly appreciated at the beginning of the 17-18 year in the cafeteria to monitor recycling until the Green Team is formed.

Vote on 2017-2018 Officer Elections – Michelle

(Michelle Klein and Darcy Buckley will no longer be on the PTSO board as officers, and therefore will no longer be signers on the CMS PTSO checking acct.). 

The following were unanimously voted into their new positions:

President - Emily Mickelsen
Vice President - Cherish Perry Schroeder
Treasurer – 3 candidates (holding on vote until the Fall)
Secretary - Amy Harris
Fundraising Coordinators - Heather DeRosier and Katy Booher
Volunteer Coordinator - Kira Marchant
Cascade apparel coordinator - Courtney Bledsoe
8th grade graduation dance and party - Darcy Buckley
Teacher appreciation team - Gail Mithoff, Michelle Klein, Vida Barham, Cindy Toscano, Christina Snyder

*Outgoing President, Michelle Klein, was recognized for her outstanding work with the PTSO and CMS over the past two years. THANK YOU, MICHELLE!!!


Cascade PTSO General Membership Meeting Minutes
April 6, 2017 @ 1:30pm in the library

Attendees: Michelle Klein, Stephanie Bennett, Emily Mickelsen, Maci Herbert, Suzanne Moore, Gail Ngo, Truett Shilling, Betsy Koehler, Darcy Buckley, Kelly , Students - Leo, Katie, and Mia

Screen Agers - Wed 19th @ 5:30 pm (Volunteers needed!)

  • Dinner and Movie - $5/ea., $15 family max. with pizza and salad dinner
  • (Please RSVP at www.cascadeptso.com so we can have enough food)
  • For both students (ages 10+) & their parents
  • Panelists: Andie Desha – counselor; Scott McDonald - school tech rep.; Lola Reed – parent/former Google employee; Stephen Duval – Vice Principal   (We will email bios on panel members to parents)
  • Broadcast class will  promote the event to students

Staff Appreciation Week - May 1-5th

  • "Farm to Teacher” Theme, great week of events planned
  • Lots of student support & parent help needed (see email with sign-up link)

8th Grade Year End Dance - May 12th

  • WEB will help decorate - Tropical Theme; Humm Kombucha donating drinks
  • Chaperones & clean up help needed

8th Grade Year End BBQ at ACB - June 22nd

  • Chaperones needed

FUNDED GRANTS SO FAR THIS YEAR: School-wide movie license, staff lunch and dinner, WEB lunch, Robotics Club, Take It Apart Club, Garden Club, 6th grade Flocabulary, Math Team comp., yoga mats, High Desert Museum speakers, outdoor games for Mt. Time, 8th grade Star Lab, Journalism class equipment, sewing machine repairs, music stands, instrument repairs, Maker Monday Lego baskets, iPad charging station, ScreenAgers, Apparel, indoor sound system, business banner boards in gym, folding chairs, and many more!

Additional grants to be voted on by general membership today:

  • Challenge Day  (Anti-bully program assembly for all students and workshop for 8th  graders only, in October  ideally)  $6,000 estimated - approved
  • Water Bottle Faucets – adding to existing one that is highly used    $2,710 - approved
  • Outdoor Sound System to replace one currently not working properly   $6,588 - approved
  • Advanced Ropes Course – inspection, & facilitator equipment purchase.   $900 - approved
  • 7th Grade Science Field Trip to Dillion Falls/Ryan Ranch Meadows, working with the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council $400 - approved
  • 8th Grade Science Field Trip - sponsored by the Children’s Forest of Oregon & the National Forest Service   $600 – approved
  • Student requested grants
  • $125 – Google cardboard (demo by Mr. Slodki)  Cannot approve due to not being able to control content on phone, maybe one for iPads if technology exists? Student will do further research

Looking Forward:  June General PTSO Meeting – Thursday June 8th @ 1:30 in the Library

  • Vote on New Officers & Chairs (VP, Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, 8th Grade Celebration Lead)


Cascade PTSO General Membership Meeting - Minutes
January 26, 2017

Attendees: Stephanie Bennett (Principal), Michelle Klein, Emily Mickelsen, Darcy Buckley, Maci Herbert (Board Members; absent – Suzanne Moore, Kari Strang), Katy Klein, Leo Edens, Mia Mickelsen, Madison Herra, Andrew (Student Members), Christina Snyder, Amy Harris, Danielle Vidali, Renee Hetrick, Kelli Edens (Parent Members)

Welcome – Michelle
Introduction of student representatives that applied and were chosen by Stephanie and Emily. Five students from 6th and 7th grades.

Vote Upon:  Governing By Laws Change – unanimously approved.

Budget Review – Maci
Proposed budget distributed and discussed.

Leo suggested Google Cardboard as a grant item, for Humanities and Science classes. Stephanie said she’d like to discuss with some teachers first, then maybe have a few try it out before distributing to all. Andrew suggested an app that works with iPads, which would be a similar Virtual Reality program. He also suggested purchasing charging stations for classrooms.

Students were encouraged to fill out a grant request form, found in the office, for further ideas, which will include all the details needed. This way they can be approved by Stephanie first, and then sent to the board for final approval.

Vote Upon:  Chair Purchase - Grant Requests – Michelle
Chairs need to be shared within the district, but are badly needed at Cascade and funding from the PTSO along with Cascade general funds, would eliminate this issue. 200 chairs purchased for a split cost of $1310. Unanimously approved.

Screenagers: RESCHEDULED to Wed April 19th @ 5:30pm w/dinner for $5/ea or $15/family (assistance available)
Including a three person panel discussion after the movie (a former tech developer, a counselor, and TBD? )

Tech Talks/Family Digital Media Resources – Emily
Links will be added to the PTSO website (www.cascadePTSO.com)
i.e. Common Sense Media, Public and Permanent, Josh Ochs: Light, Bright, and Polite

School Update & Upcoming Activities– Stephanie
The school has been thoroughly inspected, it’s safe, and the leaks have been stopped.

The choir sang at U of O basketball game, and the choir and orchestra concerts will not be rescheduled (they are ready to practice non-holiday songs).

Sparrow adoption assembly is tomorrow (Jade - a student at CMS) – upcoming fundraisers are the Polar Plunge and a Fun Run in the spring.

Feb. 17th – informal dance for 7th and 8th graders from 5:30-7:30pm (WEB planned).  $3 entrance with concessions, teacher and parent chaperones.

Heads Up:      Staff Appreciation Week May 1-5 – Darcy   (Volunteers appreciated - please see Darcy Buckley)
8th Grade Year End Dance (May/June) & BBQ (Last Day of School – 6/22)

Apparel:  Will be Delivered 2nd Week of Feb 14th.  Next Ordering Window, Begins Feb 17th.  Order at www.CascadePTSO.com

Next general quarterly meeting – April 6th @ 1:30pm - CMS Library


PTSO General Membership Meeting Minutes
Oct 6th, 2016 - 1:30-2:30pm

Attendees: Stephanie Bennett (Principal), Michelle Klein (Board President), Emily Mickelsen (Board VP), Suzanne Moore (Board Teacher Liaison), Darcy Buckley (Board Secretary), Judy Rowe, Betsy Koehler, Amy Harris, Amanda Ring, Kira Marchant, Gail Ngo, Heather DeRosier, Janet Lurding, Cherish Perry Schroeder, Melodie Ross, Kelli Schlussel-Edens, Renee Hetrick

Not in attendance: Kari Strang (Board Volunteer Coord.), Cynthia Homan (Board Treasurer)

Welcome Parents, Teachers & Students - Michelle
PTSO mission is to support the school in whichever way makes the students’ and teachers’ educational experience the best possible.

Student Inclusion Process – Emily
Created for students to be a part of the PTSO, by attending quarterly general meetings. Students can apply each quarter (applications in office), continuing to participate or only serving once. Total number of students accepted each quarter TBD. We were unable to have students attend this meeting in time, but plan to implement this for the next mtg.

Fundraising – Michelle  
Our one time giving campaign is underway and currently at 52%, ending Oct. 31st. Encouraged parents to speak with businesses about advertising, and fellow parents about donating. $50 is an average family donation, though any amount is much appreciated in getting us to our goal of $20,000 for the school year.

Merchandise Sales – Michelle
Orders will be delivered to the school for pick up next week. Sales were high. The second sales session will begin again and be delivered before the holidays. PTSO doesn’t benefit from these sales, just covers operating costs. All adult sizes - can be ordered at www.cascadeptso.com.

Screen Agers Movie “Growing Up in the Digital Age” - Betsy Koehler
This documentary film out of SF, generated by a Pediatrician and parent, played at 7 Peaks last year. We want to bring it back on a Wed. in late Jan.  Steph saw it and doesn’t feel it conflicts with iPads in schools concept. It will be a family event and does illicit valuable conversations, presenting all sides, though it doesn’t necessarily give answers. We hope to have a discussion panel present after the film – a mental health care rep., Pediatrician, Optometrist, etc. Maybe have Scott McDonald give a talk on managing the safety of devices.  There’s a $500 fee – we will charge for tickets ($5/family maybe), and supply dinner (potato or sandwich bar), to cover the fee. After $500 earned, we split any proceeds with the film co.

Sustainability Team – Judy Rowe
This is our 3rd year of having an Oregon Green Schools rep. (we are a designated Green School). The Green Team meets during mtn. time once a week. Students currently working on ways to reduce waste, electricity and littering throughout the school during the Mtn Time Program.  The School receives $500 each year for being a part of this program (ideas for use of the funds = bottles of earth friendly table wiping solution, hand dryers in girls’ bathrooms, more refill water bottle stations). We’re in the lead for “the middle school with the most reduced use of energy in the district” contest – wanting to purchase a dishwasher for the staff room with the winnings.  We have a new recycling program in the cafeteria, with parent volunteers at lunchtime. (Judy is implementing suggestions from parents). Students could use more training…have Steph wants to try an “eat with your student” day this year.

Cross Country Course Improvements – Darcy/Steph
Very successful clean-up event with several volunteers including students, parents, and community members (sponsored by CORK and Foot Zone).  Volunteers shoveled and spread bark chips provided by Parks and Rec. It covered the portion of the trail on Mt. Washington Dr. with lots of glass present. Bushes were also clipped back, and sharp weeds removed.

Grants To Approve - Michelle
Audio system in gym - $4500 – approved

2016-2017 Budget Approval – Michelle
Reviewed proposed budget and allocated funds, with the idea that we will raise our $20,000 goal.

New Bell (non-bell) System – Stephanie Bennett
Trying not to have bells so teachers can finish before students are excused, and it’s much more peaceful.

Site Council – Stephanie Bennett
Quarterly school improvement meetings with heavy student involvement. Wanting to increase parent involvement, if interested, email Steph.

New at Cascade – Stephanie Bennett
Along with PTSO grants, a school bond has made its way down the list to Cascade and we’ve been able to or will be adding or improving several needed items around the school…

            Landscaping improvements behind the school and around the track

            Recycling carts in the cafeteria

            Video & audio system in the gym with an automatic screen

            12 spin bikes in the old art room

            New lost & found coat rack/system outside the cafeteria

            New bleachers in the gym (were original)

            New pickle ball courts (revenue earning? Contact BPRD)

            Resurfacing of the outdoor basketball courts

            New cafeteria tables that fold out from the walls

            Stretch/yoga class in the old weight room

Spirit Week – Stephanie Bennett
Different dress up themes each day in 2 weeks

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities – Michelle
Fundraising – Only 3 weeks left!
Lunch recycling program (Kari to create signup)
Student PTSO members (apply at main office)
Donate plates and utensils for staff room
Concession Stand Chairperson Needed 
Conferences – Oct 26, 27 & 28
      -Sign Ups will be available for 8th Grade Grad, Staff Appreciation & Concessions

 Join Us at our Next Quarterly Meeting:  January 12th  1:30-2:30 pm in the CMS Library


Parent, Teacher, Student Organization (PTSO)
General Membership Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2016           1:30 pm – 2:30 pm   CMS Room B1

Attendees: Steph Bennett, Caroline Skidmore, Suzanne Moore, Michelle Klein, Christina Snyder, Emily Mickelsen, Gail Mithoff, Katy Bowles, Peggy Sinclair Kerr, Kari Strang


Harlem Wizards (Darcy/Steph) – fun community event, good attendance, netted approx. $4,000 for our Sparrow, Lily. Cascade will most likely continue this fundraiser every other year.                            

Teacher Appreciation Week (Darcy) – The events of the week went well, staff seemed to really enjoy them and shared that they felt very special. We look forward to planning another appreciative week next year.

Rummage sale (Michelle) – the front office staff made $2500 at this event, which will go to their general student fund and help cover costs for items such as damaged instruments, yearbooks, and other single student needs throughout the year.

Ideas for end of year funds (Michelle/Steph) – lost and found rack, fill dirt for cc track especially on the Mt. Washington side (maybe the Maint. Dept. or the City of Bend will help?), speakers in gym, recycling station in the lunchroom, bullhorn, PA system outside. Members will follow-up.

Concession stands at meets, games, in the future will be a good way to raise funds for these types of costs.

Upcoming Activities:

Volunteer Opportunities (Kari) -  IPad roll-in went well, volunteers mostly filled openings

8th Grade Dance – could use a couple more parents, though staff says they will cover it. (The preference is that

PTSO will take dance planning back over from WEB leaders for next year.)

8th Grade BBQ – could also use a few more parents, though minimum requirement is filled.

8th Grade Graduation (Steph) - kids seem relieved to have a shorter ceremony this year.

New Spirit Gear (Michelle) – several fun, well-made, reasonably priced logo items are available for purchase on the PTSO website. Info will go out in the parent packet in the fall. All remaining items with the former logo will be donated. (Raffles, FAN, etc.)                                                        

Fundraising Goals / Activities for next year (Michelle) -

We raised $20,000 this year; our goal will be the same for next year. Board members will make calls over the summer to businesses that have donated in the past. It was suggested that we take flyers around to additional businesses in the fall.                        
Back to School Info Packet (Michelle) -

It will include: Donation request letter to parents and businesses (add stats for events in gym), logo gear info, and volunteer info, all of which can be accessed on the PTSO website.             

Vote on New Board Members:  Emily Mickelsen – VP, Gail Mithoff – 8th Grade Graduation Chair - Unanimously Approved

Discussion Topic – General Membership Mtgs. (Michelle) –

Lunch time seems to work best for most; we discussed having a staff representative that will rotate (Suzanne will follow-up), and possibly having 2 meetings during Mountain Time, to involve students (maybe they could earn extra credit?). We would also like to have grant recipients speak regarding their experiences, student groups speak to what they are up to, and other special invited guests.

General PTSO meetings will be the first Thursday of each quarter (time – TBD); the board will meet the last Thursday of each month at 1:30pm.                                  

Grant request

$800 – needed 9/6/16 – WEB’s 6th grade orientation lunch at Subway. This is $400 less than district food services. Unanimous approval.

Adjourn 2:30pm

Thank you for being a part of the Cascade PTSO! Have a Great Summer & See you Next Year!


Parent, Teacher, Student Organization (PTSO)
General Membership Meeting Minutes

April 7th, 2016           6:00-7:00 pm in the CMS Library                             Next Meeting: June 9th, 2016 @ 1:30pm in room B1


Organization Name Change – Michelle Klein
Recommending not changing the name of the PTSO, the challenges appear to outweigh the benefits. Membership agreed.                                     

Student-led Conferences – Michelle Klein
Reminder for parents to sign up for conference times, as students have binders they will be prepared to share. PTSO will again be providing dinner for the teachers. 

Upcoming Events:
Harlam Wizards Basketball Game – Darcy Buckley
This is a Cascade Sparrow Club fundraiser and will take place on Tuesday, April 12th at 6pm at Summit. A volunteer sign-up has been sent out, and most spots are filled. The Wizards will be doing an assembly at Cascade and three elementary schools the day of the game to increase attendance.

Staff Appreciation Week – Darcy Buckley
Takes place from May 2nd-6th, with a week full of events and gifts for our amazing staff. A volunteer sign-up will go out to parents asking for food items.

8th Grade Graduation – Crispin Fievet, Stephanie Bennett
May 20th – Dance will be held from 6pm-7:30pm
June 15th - Ceremony will be held, with student speakers
June 16th - BBQ, video, and swimming at the Athletic Club of Bend (10am release time to ACB – we will need parent volunteers)                               

Financial Report – Cynthia Homan
A budget column has been added to the report, which includes $1000 that was moved from Career Workshops that are not occurring, to the Staff Appreciation Week budget for a staff gift.  The next conferences will be catered by Baja Fresh.  New teacher grant requests will be voted on tonight.  We will need to pay subs for rescheduled Challenge Day dates.  We are planning a $10,000 overflow for the beginning of the next school year.                                                                                

Grant Requests – Michelle Klein
1.Mosley Wotta, Artist in Residence ($3,000) – unanimously approved
2.Amy Wilde ($375) - Library LINX card prizes, Harry Potter Interactive items– unanimously approved
3.Science teachers ($300) – soil and compost for the garden – unanimously approved
4.Sandy, FAN Coord. ($500) – discretionary funds needed for 2016-17 school year (i.e. ipad insurance, PE clothes, backpacks) - PTSO would like to specify that the items be school-related only. We would like to ask for more info. and come back to it at our next meeting.

Board Positions – Michelle Klein
Michelle, Darcy, Suzanne, Kari, and Cynthia will be returning to the Board next year. Crispin will not be returning. Ideally one more board member would join as either the Vice President, or specializing in Communications, Fundraising, etc., though we will have our minimum requirement of five.



Parent, Teacher, Student Organization (PTSO
)  General Membership Meeting Minutes
January 14th, 2016  - 12:00-1:00 pm   Room C1                            Next Meeting: April 7, 2016 @ 6pm in the Library 

Stephanie Bennett, Michelle Klein, Crispin Fievet, Suzanne Moore, Kari Strang, Cynthia Homan, Darcy Buckley, Margaret Sinclair Kerr, Gail Mithoff, Athena Kleihauer, Amy Harris, Tommy Ocel, Emily Mickelsen

Administrative Business
            Amended Bylaws –Michelle Klein - approved                                   
            2016 PTSO Budget – Cynthia Homan – approved    

Update Membership
Giving Campaign – Michelle Klein
          We reached our internal goal of $20k, so we may stick with the ask campaign for next year as other fundraisers take many more  
          volunteer hours.
Membership Sign Up - Cynthia Homan.  It is important for parents to officially join the PTSO so that we can legally contact them (i.e. –
          Completing a membership form with contact info. There’s no cost involved.)
Organization Name Change – Michelle Klein
           Recommending not changing the name of the PTSO, the challenges appear to outweigh the benefits - Membership agreed.
Challenge Day – Stephanie Bennett
           Two days were canceled due to weather; they’ve been rescheduled for March 8-10. The school counselors do follow-up with
           students after Challenge Days, and additional follow-up activities are being explored.
Staff Birthday Treats – Kari Strang  
           THANK YOU - as all volunteer giving slots are filled and the feedback from the staff has been very appreciative.
Financial Report – Cynthia Homan         
           We inherited $20k and raised $20k, we have balanced our budget
           (last year approx. $31k was raised and $29k was spent).                                                 
Monthly Assemblies - Stephanie Bennett                                                                                                                        
           This has been going well and will continue through the school year. Last month music students were honored, in coming months
           citizenship awards will be handed out, games such as “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” played, and a talent show is
           scheduled for March.
           Shiver & Shake – March 2nd – parents needed to walk students to the Athletic Club of Bend from 11:30-1
           Harlem Wizards - April 12th at Summit HS – parents needed to join committees         
           (These are both fundraisers for Sparrow Club – Carrie Deaver at CMS is the contact person)          
Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6) – Darcy Buckley
          Darcy will contact those parents that showed interest in this event and schedule an initial planning meeting. We’re hoping to have
          students volunteer also (maybe from WEB). Ideas were discussed, including having a theme, a pizza happy hour, a masseuse,
          healthy food made by parents, door signs, thank you’s, etc.         
8th Grade Graduation (6-8pm) – Crispin Sheppard Fievet 
          Stephanie shared that in the past the activities have been a little excessive for 8th grade. We want it to be special but not as big
          as high school graduation. There is ½ hr. slated for the ceremony with student speakers. She recommended using our own DJ,
          and keeping décor and food simple, based on past experience. The dance does need to end at 8pm. The grads also have a video,
          BBQ, and swim at ACB on a different day. 
​Grant Requests – Michelle Klein
          1.WEB trainer training (approved)
          2.Drama class’ final performance (approved if some of the items can be re-used) This was confirmed.
          3.Hanford – cultural spoken word, speaker from Warm Springs, Mosley Wotta (approved)


Cascade Middle School PTSO General Meeting Minutes
October 22, 2015    7:00am – 8:00am


Stephanie Bennett, Stephen DuVal, Michelle Klein, Cynthia Homan, Suzanne Moore, Kari Strang, Shaunna Turner, Amy Harris, Gail Mithoff, Anne Codding, Shanda Harris, Darcy Buckley

WELCOME – Michelle Klein, Co-President

Introduction of newly elected “Board Members”
(Alternative group names are being discussed, such as” Leadership Team”. Confirmation coming soon.)

Michelle Klein / Crispin Fievet (not in attendance) – Co-Presidents
Cynthia Homan – Treasurer
Kari Strang – Volunteer Coordinator
Suzanne Moore – Teacher Liaison / Staff Coordinator
Darcy Buckley – Secretary


Name Change - With a new school dynamic and new board comes a desire for a name change. Possible names were discussed and voted on. After considering the idea of a “Booster Club”, “Sherpas”, and other similar ideas that represent an inclusive feel, “Mountaineer Community Organization” (MCO) was unanimously voted as the PTSO’s new name. The procedure to officially change the name with the state will be researched and implemented by the “Board”.

Newsletters have become somewhat old-fashioned, so the office staff will be keeping families up to date with real time information on our school’s Facebook page. Families don’t need to have an account to view the site. (https://www.facebook.com/CascadeMiddleSchoolBendOR)

Fundraiser – Our one and only fundraiser this year, the “ask campaign”, is off to a bit of a slow start ($4500 as of this meeting with a $40,000 goal). The deadline will be bumped to Nov. 15th so families will be able to donate at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  The board will be making calls to businesses; both those that have donated prior and others that we feel may be interested. The banners will be a big selling point and need to be hung promptly.  A “Grandparent” letter, “ask” script and letter, “thank you” letter with tax ID, etc., will be created and placed on the MCO’s Google Docs page.  The school staff will focus on encouraging parents, including one voicemail and three emails over the next three weeks. They have placed a giving thermometer outside of the school as a visual reminder. The marque will also give updates. (Can the table at conferences have PayPal?)  It was suggested that photos of the banners and the thermometer be posted on our Facebook page.  It was agreed that it is important for both families and businesses to know where the funds go (i.e. teacher grants, non-text/enrichment books, uniforms, Challenge Day, 8th Grade Graduation, and scholarships, such as sending kids to the state choir competition this year.) Also that parents volunteering their time is an appreciated alternative.

Meetings will now be quarterly. The next meeting will most likely take place in January in the cafeteria during lunch so more parents and students can attend. Having student representation on the MCO was discussed, possibly the students on the Site Council would be good candidates. Meetings in March/April and May/June will most likely follow.

Communication in the interim will take place via email & on Facebook

Safety Procedure Letter – this was sent out to all families addressing the school’s official policies following the recent incident where three men were accused of firing at our school building. Principal Bennett will be attending their arraignment later today. It was a very unfortunate event and a good reminder for teachers and administrators.

Previous Spaghetti Fundraiser for Music Dept. – it was emphasized that this dept. is ok not doing this fundraiser this year, and due to our promise that the current school fundraiser will be the only one, it was decided that this will not be pursued this year.

Treats at Staff Meetings, both savory and sweet, are a welcome use of donated funds for staff on the last Wednesday of each mont

Teacher Grants – historically, the grants have been approved about 80% of the time.  The comment was made that it would be helpful to post awarded grants, for teachers to know the MCO’s budget prior to making their requests, and for students in the MCO to be involved in the allocation.  (If additional grant writing is needed, Shanda Harris volunteered to research them if someone else is willing to apply.)

WEB fundraiser – since we’re doing the one fundraiser this year and the students aren’t as involved as with other types of fundraisers, it was agreed that it would be reasonable for possibly the WEB kids to have an in-school fundraiser, something small, like they’ve done in the past.

Parent connection to the school could be increased by having a planned gathering event at Parent/Teacher Conferences, etc.