​​​PTSO General Meeting Minutes
Zoom, on March 17th @ 5:30 PM

Last meeting minutes approved my Mariah Staats and seconded by Michelle Klein. Principal Pagano discussed the various social media hurdles that our communities face with this generation and emphasized that administration and staff take everything that arises (i.e. the Tic Toc threat from last month) very seriously in order to keep CMS students and staff safe. With the COVID 19 restrictions lifting, CMS has hosted assemblies for the last two weeks. Even though they are currently grade specific, it is awesome for a sense of normalcy to resume.

CMS is finishing up with 8th grade high school forecasting. It is important to note that the ACR process is different this year but it has been great working with the different high schools getting the kids ready for their next step. Track and Field is coming up. Principal Pagano wanted to encourage all kids to take advantage and get involved. He emphasized that there is a club/activity for everyone and that after COVID, it is more important than ever for kids to get active and stay connected.

Clean Community/Cascade Cares Community has been pushing for everyone to pick up after themselves. Emphasis on being respectful of others by helping to keep things up . . . this is being pushed at school. Themes revolving this initiative include respecting the services provided by custodial, maintenance, kitchen and other support staff.

After Spring Break, in-person conferences will be held. This will be the first time in the building for many families. This is definitely a sign that we are moving towards normalcy. Staffing for next year looks great, CMS student numbers look status quo for next year.

Jake Slodki, acting Vice-Principal, until June's end, discussed how to positively support kids. Discussed the amazing transformation in growth and maturity from 6th to 8th grades. Discussed different forms of communication used to connect with our kids, emphasizing framing questions that are more open ended instead of ones that promote one word answers. Discussed the vast vaping epidemic faced by our kids on a daily basis. Explored how to keep kids safe and the campus vape-free. It is important for parents to look for signs that indicate kids may be experimenting or using (i.e. appetite changes and also changes in skin color). It is important that families and CMS staff work as community partners. If you suspect kids are using, check backpacks and talk with your kids. CMS wants kids and school to be safe, encourages lines of communication stay open between students, adults and parents. There will be a District wide communication coming out after Spring Break regarding this topic. In the meantime, every school iPad comes with the 1st Steps Reporting App. This is an anonymous forum where kids can report unsafe behavior without fear of repercussions. CMS emphasizes the
importance of 'know something, say something”.

Colleen Goldblatt provided a budget review. Emphasized we are coming in under budget this year. We have money allocated for Staff Appreciation but other than that, the demand has been light on grant requests. Staff is encouraged to hit up the PTSO if there is a need in their class or for school.

Mariah Staats is heading Staff Appreciation week. As of now the PTSO plans on going through the staff lounge on Sunday. We hope to decorate it and fill the fridge with all kids of drinks and snacks for Monday. Tuesday we will provide lunch, Wednesday will comprise of a coffee cart. Thursday is smoothie day. PTSO plans on providing staff with a personalized Yeti cup on Friday. Initially we thought we would have these personally engraved by Mr. Bilan but this is not possible, the job is being outsourced. Also, hoping to have a random raffle during the week which all staff will be eligible to enter. If anyone is interested in helping with this event, PTSO encourages you to add your name into the mix. All parents will also receive the invitation for involvement via the next Student Newsletter.

With C19 restrictions lifting, we will have an 8th grade celebration.

One more CMS apparel purchasing opportunity is coming up from April 4-15. You can access this through Cascade PTSO.com.

Quarterly date for the next PTSO general meeting is May 19 at 5:30 pm. We will discuss End Of Year Celebrations & Wrap Up this school year.


​​PTSO General Meeting Minutes
Zoom, on December 16th @ 5:30 PM

First order of business was addressing the TicTok threat that was circulating on social media. Principal Duval wanted parents to know that the school and staff were erring on the side of caution and stressed the importance of communication and community in dealing with such threats.

The PTSO and the entire student body addressed the farewell of Principal Stephen Duval, recognizing the years of service and positive influence he had over the school, the student body and the culture.  He will be greatly missed.

The gavel was passed to Gabe Pagano who expressed his excitement towards taking over as interim Principal. He was very pleased with the strides we have been able to make as a School District, citing the holiday concerts we were able to have previously in the week, to illustrate that we have come a long way. 

Erin McIntosh, was the staff member that was highlighted during the meeting. Discussed the Next Steps Club a college and career readiness club.  Covered how Measure 98 pays for all related field trips, t-shirts and guest speakers.  Mountain Time Club opportunities vary in a wide range.  Various clubs (each of which allows for 20 members) include: Study halls/tutorials for every subject, Art Studio, Calming Space, Flag Football, Library Event Planning, Assisting in Life Skills, Take it Apart Club, Silent Reading Club, Chess Club, Baseball Club, A club focused on Card Games, 3D Printing Club, Acapella Singing, Dual Language Learning lab, Green Team, Gay/Straight Alliance, Lego Club, Ski/Snowboarding Club and Track club, to name a few.

The 2021 giving campaign has been deemed a great success. In all, the PTSO raised $24,350 through donations and banner sales.  Exceeding the goal made up for last year's deficit, even when considering operation costs.  Returning donors made a huge difference. As a PTSO, we are planning for the next steps addressing where we need to tweak the budget while celebrating that the gym banners completely filled our walls. Our current budget proposal was reviewed by Colleen Goldblatt and was approved by Caitlin and Cindy seconded the motion. The budget included the grant previously requested by Mike Bilan to assist the school in purchasing a new 3D printer.

Katy Cross addressed SWAG being available at the front office leading up to the holidays, kids and families were encouraged to pick up their purchased items before break.

PTSO encourages everyone interested in volunteer opportunities to go to the CascadePTSO Website and click the 'Contact Us' button.  Staff Appreciation week is coming and we welcome any and all help leading up to the week honoring our staff.

Quarterly dates for the next PTSO general meetings are as follows, all are encouraged to attend. They will all be held via Zoom until further notice. We will follow an agenda each meeting using a template used from previous years to keep the flow orderly and timely.

March 17 at 5:30 pm, Before Spring Break - Upcoming Teacher Appreciation & May 19 at 5:30 pm, End Of Year Celebrations & Wrap Up Meeting​


PTSO General Meeting Minutes
Zoom, on September 16th @ 5:30 PM

First order of business was a recap of the minutes from last Spring. They were read by Cindy Beck and approved by the Board. 

Principal Duval reminisced over the last day of school being cancelled due to electrical fire and having to cancel the celebrations that were planned.  Discussed enrollment, where this year we have approximately 635 students, 60-70 less than last year.  The smaller student body has created a very positive student energy and vibe this year. 

The 7th and 8th graders get new lockers next week. This year feels much more like normal school. None of these current kids have had a full year at CMS. Staff is taking time to get kids on track after the last 2.5 academic years, both academically and socially, getting them back into the swing of school. Using advisory to build CMS culture back from the last 1.5 years. 

As PTSO, we are trying to spread positivity. Encouraging positive accolades/words of encouragement.  We have spirit gear available, with Katie Cross as our point person. Most orders taken now will hopefully be ready by the holidays. We have hats, long sleeve t’s displayed in a case at CMS. These make great gifts. PTSO will be adding a stocking cap. Tried to keep prices down, almost selling at cost. Can hold as a gift if you don’t want it distributed upon arrival. 

Spotlight Mike Bilan. Talked about STEM and how Design and Modeling Fits in this model. Design class topics: Technology Design and Design Modeling. Classes work on 3D modeling and rapid prototypes. They redesign games and toys and also have an environmental vehicle unit. All students will use an Apple Pencil. Last year proved successful, out of 180 kids, only 2 were lost or broken. Mr. Bilan showed different examples of work coming out of his classes including: chess pieces, game pieces, animals, Settlers of Catan tiles. Kids will start making name plates soon. In Tech design, kids will be using the iPad to make attractive art. This class uses critical thinking, problem solving and learning how to navigate more complicated technology. These kids use 3D printers (filament and resin). Tech design uses a small laser through a Stem hub grant. Got a new Circuit machine, can work on leather, vinyl, and makes stickers. All these things are limited by time accessibility, set up and the interface is not user friendly. Hoping for a Glowforge Laser printer-cutter-engraver. It’s very kid and school friendly. Like a bigger, faster circuit machine. It's biggest application in 3D modeling. Can design in minutes instead of hours. Any Students can use it In mountain time. Connects with CTE, learning a technical trade. Powerful tool. $3k, $4k and $6k. The $4K is the best value and most desired option. Air scrubber is an extra $1K. Touches 70-80% of our student body. 

The giving campaign is now underway. Keeping it simple this year to just do a flat donation, no longer selling goods. We only do it for September/October. Our goal is $20K. Monies earned will go to social emotional support through challenge day, (however, we can’t do it at the moment with C19). PTSO hosts the 8th grade dance. Have sponsored song writers to come in and combine song and poetry. Inspiration. Star lab. So many ways to spend on our current student body.  Please give. At $6500 right now towards our $20K goal. Donations can be made at Cascade ptso.com. We accept credit or PayPal. We sell advertising banners to display in the gym. 

PTSO is currently reviewing grant proposals. Mrs. Wilde asked for funds for WEB (where everyone belongs). With 6th grade orientation, Mrs. Wilde would like money for t-shirts and lanyards. She needs $500 to cover the cost. Cindy made a motion, Katy made the 2nd to approve. Also, needs a school wide movie site license which runs $550. PTSO is splitting the cost with Mr. Duval at $225 each. Cindy made a motion, Katy made the 2nd to approve.

New members were officially voted in. Treasurer is Colleen Goldblatt and Caitlin Bjornstad is the Fundraising Chair. Still looking for volunteers. There is a button on the PTSO website to express interest. 

Next meetings: Dec 16, 5:30 and 3/17 5:30 and 5/19, 5:30. 


PTSO General Meeting Minutes
Zoom, on May 11th @ 5:30 PM

Board Attendees:  President-Amanda Ring, Vice President-Cindy Tuscano, Treasurer-Michelle Klein, Secretary-Katy Cross, Vice-Principal-Vanessa Tobolski

Special Guests:  Upcoming PTSO board, Mariah Stats (Vice President), Cindy Beck (Secretary), Amanda Lenke (Treasurer). 

Welcome and Introductions
Amanda welcomed everyone.  The meeting minutes from the prior general meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer Update - Michelle Klein
Michelle talked about Staff Appreciation week and how we handled it given COVID times.  Stephen said the staff loved it.  Four web leaders thanked teachers over the loudspeaker, and you could hear the applause throughout the school.  There was a lot of positive energy and many teachers expressed appreciation. 

Michelle also gave an update on 8th Grade Graduation, saying that we are in a bit of a holding pattern, but currently we have KONA Ice and Central Oregon Corn Dog Co.  The plan is to have a field day.  The 8th graders can sign yearbooks, sign the banner, eat from the food carts and hang out with friends.  Current start time is 1:00 PM on Thursday.  Wednesday will be a full day and Thursday will be early release at 3:00 PM.

Principal Update - Stephen Duval
Stephen reports that there were 800 kids in quarantine last week (for 60 COVID cases), district wide.  Still no evidence of school-school spread.  The district wanted more opportunity for teacher check-in, so that’s why no school on Wednesday.  Stephen says PIVOT is the word of the year.  He said it has been great to be back and the kids are great about following protocols.  He is looking forward to a reset in the fall.  He thanked the past PTSO board and welcomed the new board, which is as follows:  Michelle Klein (President), Mariah Stats (Vice President), Cindy Beck (Secretary), Amanda Lenke (Treasurer), Cindy Tuscano/Katy Cross (Apparel/Swag), Katy Bowles (Website), All members will help with fundraising, led by Michelle Klein.

Cindy asked about staffing for next year, and Stephen said that due to COVID, numbers are significantly down.  He said Cascade is hovering around 690 students for next year, but we are currently staffed for 840 students.  Stephen said the staff will be based on the number of students and that they have had to cut 4.3 total staff positions.  There is more uncertainty this year than ever. 

President-to-be - Michelle Klein
Michelle said she will get Stephen PDF’s for the virtual welcome packet for the Fall 2021.  

Meeting was adjourned.


PTSO General Meeting Minutes
Zoom, on February 23rd @ 5:30 PM

Board Attendees:  President-Amanda Ring, Vice President-Cindy Tuscano, Treasurer-Michelle Klein, Secretary-Katy Cross, Vice-Principal-Vanessa Tobolski

Special Guest:  Kristin Killoran, counselor at Cascade Middle School

Welcome and Introductions
Amanda welcomed everyone.  The meeting minutes from the prior general meeting were read and Amanda approved them.

Vice Principal Update - Vanessa Tobolski
Vanessa shared that students are doing a fantastic job with safety procedures, such as mask wearing, using hand sanitizer, and using the one way hallways.  She said that the staff is working hard to make students feel comfortable, providing a way for them to interact with their peers and continue to develop socially.  Vanessa said that the staff knows that the at home learning can be challenging and they are trying to use advisory to help students with this.  She said that the last few months has consisted of planning, designing, and re-designing.

Vice President Update - Cindy Toscano

Cindy talked about an upcoming FAN fundraiser that involves at least a dozen schools.  She said it should be happening in March and for everyone to be aware and be looking for more information about it. 

Special Guest:  Kristin Killoran, Counselor at Cascade
Kristin talked about her role at Cascade and primarily focused on current Advisory classes, as these are becoming a way for kids to check in and feel supported.  There is not mountain time this year. The advisory classes/teachers are also a point for family communication.  She said that now with the hybrid schedule, Advisory is only during red week.  The goal is to create a connectedness with the teacher and with one another.  Kristin shared videos with us that the kids are viewing in their advisory classes and they were really excellent.  These videos were educational in terms of letting students know how things need to be done under these current conditions, and they also encouraged socialization and interaction, as a way for students to learn more about each other and have some fun.  Vanessa shared that they are trying to start off by asking basic questions of the kids and then increasing the depth of the questions as they go on. 

Treasurer Update - Michelle Klein
Michelle discussed our current financials, and shared that our most recent expenses to date have been $5,340, which has been spent on staff and students.  We recently helped the science department with the purchase of 6 camera adapters.  Michelle reported that we have adjusted our budget, with help from the administration.  We will not be asking families to give anymore this year, but still want to be able to say YES to all of the great ideas.

Meeting was adjourned and Amanda reported that the last meeting will be held in mid-May and that another Newsletter will be coming out prior to that. 


PTSO General Meeting Minutes

Zoom, on October 22nd @ 5:30 PM

Board Attendees:  President-Amanda Ring, Vice President-Cindy Tuscano, Treasurer-Michelle Klein, Secretary-Katy Cross, Principal-Stephen Duval, Vice-Principal-Vanessa Tobolski

Welcome and Introductions

Katy welcomed everyone and went over Zoom etiquette in terms of muting/unmuting. 

Amanda thanked everyone for coming and introduced Principal, Stephen Duval.

Update by Stephen Duval

Stephen talked about the virtual format and that the teachers are trying to get students comfortable with being on Webex.  He said that the Cascade staff is working on promoting further engagement. 

Stephen said they are hoping to get the kids back at a hybrid level and that they may possibly be changing the metrics at the state level, which could help facilitate our return. 

There was a question regarding the culture at Cascade right now and how to promote that and Stephen said that they are always working hard to create a rich learning environment.  They are trying to use advisory time for this to happen and working toward creating a healthy and safe environment, through increased use of counselors and also teachers are trying harder to engage students.

Special Guest:  Shannon Carroll, Art Teacher at Cascade

Shannon introduced herself and spoke of her 8th grade and 10th grade sons and certainly understanding how tough it is as a parent as well as a teacher.  She said she has an online Instagram account to connect students to each other’s art work.  She said this whole process is humbling, but she is working hard to build community.  She has given art kits to students who didn’t have supplies at home.  She says the benefit of all of this is that many kids have become real self starters and have been doing art on their own. 

Fundraiser-Giving Campaign

Discussion regarding the Giving Campaign and how that money will be used.  The needs are different this year, but they are still there.  Teachers have been individually packing kits for students and getting them out.  Design and Tech are needing Apple Pencils for those students who don’t already have them.  There have been Foods kits packed up, language arts highlighters are being distributed, science kits, as well as the art kits already discussed.  PTSO has also paid for all staff to get CMS sweatshirts, and staff were treated to a coffee/treat from Thump on any 2 days of a particular week.  Stephen reported that a big boost in morale is seen when these things happen.

Introduction of Treasurer, Michelle Klein

Sanjay Dholakia nominated Michelle to interim treasurer and Katy Cross seconded.  Michelle talked about having some money left over from last year, which has been appreciated through all of this.  She said we want to find a way to support staff and we also want to be able to say yes to a teacher who has a great idea.  We currently have a $10,000 deficit with what we have made from the Giving Campaign thus far and what we have spent to date.  All of the Giving Campaign money will be spent on what’s needed for this year.  Donations can be made online or by check.  The Giving Campaign is Cascade’s one and only fundraiser. 


This meeting concluded at 6:05 PM


PTSO General Meeting Minutes
September 26, 2019 @ 2:30 in the Library

Board Attendees:  President-Amanda Ring, Vice President-Cindy Tuscano, Treasurer-Karen Tobiason, Secretary-Katy Cross, Student Representatives:  Curran (8th grade), Macy (8th grade), Liv (8th grade), Emerson (7th grade), and Taylor (6th grade)
General Attendees:  see attached sign in sheet

 Welcome & Introductions

Amanda welcomed all present and called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM.

Students spoke about what has been good for them so far this year.

Secretary Katy Cross Voted In

A motion was made and seconded to vote in Katy Cross to the secretary position

Approval of Previous Minutes

Motion:  After review, a motion was made to approve the minutes from the previous General Meeting held in June 2018.  The motion was seconded and passed.

 Community and Culture-Stephen DuVal

Stephen reports that there are 800 students at Cascade this year.  There is a new Foods 2 class.  He feels that school is off to a positive start and is hearing good things from teachers.  Stephen tells us that the focus in classrooms this year will be on the 4 C’s:  communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.  He said that with this, they will be working on peer to peer feedback.  The Cascade staff feels that this will help to build the foundation for positive relationships and school culture that they strive for.  Challenge Day for the 8th graders is approaching.  It is a day of empathy building and they will be needing volunteers for this day.  Stephen reports that they are starting to develop “Be the Change” Mountain Time Club and are working with counselors to get it going. 

Treasurer’s Report-Karen

The Giving Campaign has made approx. $20,000 each year for the past 2 years, and Karen reports that the majority of the $20,000 goes toward grants.  The Giving Campaign ends on October 31st. 

Stephen reports that we were able to get new cross country uniforms, for the 140 runners at Cascade this year. 


Cindy says that there are not any volunteer needs at this time, and that the sign up for snacks for teachers is full.  She said there will be further needs as the year goes on, for Staff Appreciation Week, Science Labs, and field trips.  A reminder given to make sure that your background check is current, as it is only good for 2 years. 


Stephen says that the first Coffee at Cascade is next Thursday, 10/3, @ 9 AM.

Stephen also reports that there was a conflict this year with Parent Info Nights for Cascade and Summit, and they will make sure to not have these dates conflict next year. 

A raffle was done for some free Cascade gear, and Taylor won!!


The meeting was adjourned at 3:30, and cake was served to celebrate Stephen’s birthday.


​PTSO General Meeting Minutes
May 30, 2018 @ 1:30 pm in the Library

Attendees:  President- Emily Mickelsen, Vice President- Carlene Perry, Treasurer- Karen Tobiason, Secretary- Amy Harris, Principal- Stephen DuVal; Gail Mithoff, Anita Garland, Cindy Toscano, Judy Rowe, Emerson Williams-6, Macy Barham-7, Liv R. Casellini-7, Ava Lawson-8


Emily welcomed all present and called the meeting to order at 1:35 pm. 

Approval of Previous Minutes – Amy

Motion:  After review, a motion was made to approve the minutes from the previous General Meeting held on March 14, 2019.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report –  Karen

The bank account balance as of May 30, 2019 is $14,672.82.  This year we have spent $9,019.89 in grants.

Special Guests – Natalie and Layla

These young ladies gave a short presentation on EWB, Every Woman Bleeds, a group that they started on campus that meets during lunchtime.  Their focus is making daily life at school easier for girls on their menstrual cycles, and they brainstorm ideas and implement solutions here at Cascade.

Special Guest – Ava

Ava gave a report on the lunchroom composting program she has spearheaded here on campus.

Special Guests – Judy Rowe

Ms. Rowe gave an update on the Green Team she advises.  They work on helping Cascade conserve energy and all things green.

Principal’s Update – Stephen DuVal

Principal DuVal spoke about end-of-the-year locker clean outs, dedicated electives for next year’s 6th graders, new staff members, the entry way construction, and new clubs on campus.

Staff Appreciation Week – Carlene

This year’s Staff Appreciation Week was hugely successful and Carlene discussed what worked great and also listed some adjustments that next year’s committee should include in future plans.

Grants – Emily

The Board approved many grants between April and June this year.  Some of them were field trips for both 7 and 8th graders, instrument repairs for the band, calculators for math classes, High Desert Museum guest speakers for Social Studies, consumables for science kits, a vacuum cleaner for the library, Earth Week raffle items, iPad insurance and PE uniforms for FAN, and reusable plates and cutlery for the staff room.

Future Board Positions – Emily

Amanda Ring was nominated for the 2019-2020 Cascade MS PTSO President.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Cindy Toscano was nominated for a 2019-2020 Cascade MS PTSO Vice President.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Karen Tobiason was nominated for the 2019-2020 Cascade MS PTSO Treasurer. The motion was seconded and passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 pm.

Next General Meeting: Thursday, September 26, 2019 @ 2:30 pm in the Library.


PTSO General Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2018 @ 1:30 pm in the Library

Board Attendees:  President- Emily Mickelsen, Vice President- Cherish Perry Schroeder, Treasurer- Karen Tobiason, Parent-Teacher Liaison Suzanne Moore, Secretary- Amy Harris, Student Representatives: Macy Barham, Evelyne A, Kaitlin Yeomans, Riley Capuano

General Attendees:  Principal Stephen DuVal, Vice Principal Eric Powell, Darcy Buckley, Matt and Rosa Shea, Giselle Beucus, Heather Killebrew, Gail Mithoff, Lisa B, Courtney Bledsoe, Vida Barham, Danielle Vidali, Nanette Termes, Katy Bowles, Katy Booher


Emily welcomed all present and called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm.

Approval of Previous Minutes – Amy

Motion:  After review, a motion was made to approve the minutes from the previous General Meeting held on December 14, 2017.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report –  Karen

The balance in the PTSO bank account is currently $26,063.  The Grant Budget is $18,900 and $6,925 has been spent so far.

7 Peaks Cell Tower – Giselle B. and Heather K.

Giselle and Heather approached the group with the goal of partnering up with CMS to approach the Bend Parks and Recreation District regarding the removal of a Verizon cell tower they lease that is currently installed on a post in the Skyliner Field area adjacent to the 7 Peaks campus, and near CMS.  While its EMF levels are within the current FCC limits in America, the levels exceed those currently adopted by European countries.

School Safety & Start Times – Stephen DuVal

Short-term improvements to the CMS entryway include funneling all persons through a single door leading to the window of the Main Office.  Longer-term plans are for a permanent knee-wall to be installed in this location by 2020.  CMS will also be using the Raptor background check software.  The BLSD is still actively debating the pros and cons of changing school day start times.

Challenge Day – Eric Powell/ Students Reps

A brief review of Challenge Day was given, then comments were made by students and previous adult volunteers.  A student reported they felt the program brought the 8th grade community together.  An adult volunteer shared that the feel may be long-lasting because Juniors at Summit High still talk about its effect on them.  The Summit High newspaper cited the program as a preventative measure for school shootings.

Movie Night – Amy Wilde

Movie night raised $150 for our Sparrow.  They are looking for ideas to increase attendance.

Parent Survey – Mr. McKae

It was reported that data suggests that family involvement in Middle School increases performance in a host of learning measures.  He is currently designing a parent survey for our school community to be rolled out in May. (Handout)

Grant Proposals – Emily

Motion:  A motion was made to approve Shannon Carroll’s grant of $3000 for a screen printing press.  The motion was seconded, voted on, and passed.

Motion:  A motion was made to approve $1200 for Artist-in-Residence Mosley Watta to visit the Language Arts classes.  The motion was seconded, voted on, and passed.

8th Grade Celebrations – Darcy Buckley

Darcy reported on plans in progress for the 8th grade dance (May 11), brunch and pool party (June 14).  Everything looks amazing.

Staff Appreciation Week – Emily

Plans for SAW were reported including soup & salad lunch, Taco Del Mar luncheon, smoothie day, spa day, coffee day, and a dessert bar.

Next General Meeting: Thursday, December 13 @ 1:30 pm in the Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 pm.